Continued Success With ERP Solutions

August 1, 2008 13:42 by gopartnership


The Audio Visual technology markets have been growing at an impressive rate. With corporates taking a stand on wasted, expensive travel and reducing their carbon footprints the Video Conferencing market is an area we now specialise in for technical and sales professionals looking to be part of this massive shift in technology useage….

ERP Solutions have continued to be big news for Go Partnership – with several successful key hires Netsuite have benefited from our market knowledge and expertise recruiting “hard to find” people at the “top of their game” … 2008 signifies 3 years of a successful business relationship …. As SAAS continues to drive inwards in the enterprise The Go Partnership is enjoying to help them achieve greatness through the people they hire …….

Virtualisation has been a growing force in the Enterprise and since as early as 2005/2006 Go Partnership have been at the forefront of this exciting an innovative technology space …. We have continued to specialise and dedicate ourselves to the growth of this important, exciting and innovative branch of technology. 



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