Go Partnership expands to Basingstoke & Maidenhead!

October 3, 2010 20:37 by gopartnership

After 6 years in the picturesque Wokingham town centre, We've made a bold move and have expanded to two new locations.  With a team now based out of our Maidenhead office and another in our Basingstoke premises we are strategically positioned to offer the continued strong personal service that our traditional as well as new clients have come to expect. 

If you find yourself in the area, drop a line and stop by to check us out.  We'd love to treat you to a fine cup of coffee !

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Congratulations to Nick and Louis!

June 30, 2010 16:01 by gopartnership


Nick Newell and Louis Bardell were promoted to Consultants after doing a sterling business development job during 2009. Both took the bull by the horns and rose to the challenge by making their first placements in their first month in their new roles!

We knew it was time and they proved us right...

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We're Extending South!

April 12, 2010 15:56 by gopartnership

After many years of developing a strong client base on the South Coast of England across New Media, Financial Services and related software development, we've taken the strategic decision to get a little closer to our customers!

To this end, we look to have our Basingstoke branch fully operational by the 4th quarter of 2010. Jon Randall, one of our most Senior Consultants, will be heading up this branch.

Well done to both Jon and Louis; it's an incredibly exciting time for many in the office!

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Christmas Party

December 18, 2009 15:48 by gopartnership

The Christmas Party at Ascot races was cancelled due to snow Cry but the team still headed out to Reading to do some damage on a pub crawl and then finishing off in a Casino! It was a fun night and we managed to get through it...

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Go Has Most Productive Month

October 30, 2009 15:45 by gopartnership

After what has been a challenging 10 months within the UK recruitment market, Go Partnership are pleased to say that we have just had our most productive month (number of placements + revenue) in the last 4 years. Although we are aware that this is the result of many months of holding off on releasing roles....we are encouraged none-the-less!


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